Saturday, July 7, 2012

A nice surprise

Well, today i had a very nice surprise... but i'll get to that in a moment. My day started off like it always does, woke up, made coffee while starting up my pc and went upstairs to have some ego waffles.

I checked on Ryusei to find that as usual he wasn't needing much, and compaired to last time when he got sick at the age of 9 this time he's 10yrs old and has yet to get sick so thats good. So i suf the net while listening to music till 11am hits and i hear the dogs going off (mail was here), i head upstairs to see my dad bringing in the mail and in it was a small brown box with my name on it.

So what does that mean? Yes, after only 36 hours of being in the mail my Angelgotchi has arrived^-^ I ran downstairs, opened the box and pulled out my newest tama then grabbed 2 batteries and my screwdriver and put them in him. After setting the time i waited 5 minutes for him to hatch and here he is!
I decided after a few minutes of thinking to name him Kitsune, i quickly fed him and played the star jumping game... which took a few tries to get down but eventually i managed to fill his effort hearts. After 40 minutes of playing and feeding him he took a nap, after waking up it only took 20 more minutes before he changed again.
He's now a little Maruten^-^ I forgot how adorable the character on these tama are too. He changed at 12:11pm and since then he's recieved a praise at 3pm and 6:34pm. My goal right now is to take perfect care of him till he becomes the teen Kodoten and after that i'm going to work on getting Ginjirotenshi since he is by far my fav angel character... only i'm not going to use my old method of getting him and instead will be trying a different method.

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