Saturday, September 8, 2012

To anyone that reads this log, i am no longer writing logs here for obvious and not-so-obvious reasons. I have 2 other logs and a blog i tend to more than i've even posted here in the past few months.

To read more about my tama's please go to to continue reading about my tamagotchi experiences and stories^-^

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A lot has happened...

As the title for this post states a lot has happened indeed.

Since my last post Haku recieved his first discipline since the change and only a day or two later changed into ginjirotchi, where my whole goal with kitsune was to get takoten and i failed on that part. I just didn't give him bad enough care and still got kodoten, so i figured i'd go for ginjirotenshi again and only 24hours later he did change into my sweet ginji angel^-^

Since then we haven't been doing much, just the usual tv watching, music listening and web surfing. I will say though all of them stayed for a shorter time this time around, 2 days ago kitsune left while i was helping my dad hook up the dish to the network so we can get movies through it. The only good part of him passing on is i get another chance to get takoten this time around, so i reset him and before trying for him i decided to try my hand at getting one of the "bad death" characters and after he hatched i did what i read online and...
Ta-Da! I got Debirutchi, i couldn't give him any care at all so i reset him again and after 24 hours of extremely bad care i managed to finally get the bad care teen takoten
And now i'm just waiting for him to change into an adult, this time around i'm trying to get Sabotenshi who comes from Taraten. As for Ryusei he died earlier today at the age of 16... the last few days have been bad for him with me getting ready for a camping trip were taking on the 9th, both him and haku left at nearly the same time so tomorrow morning i'll restart them both and hopefully before the 9th i'll have my mimitchi and ginjirotchi back to enjoy the trip with me.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Much has happened

As the title of this post states much has indeed happened.

The very next after posting my last post Ryusei got his first discipline since his change and only a hour later the mail showed up and my newest little tama showed up! Yes that right, my japanese gen1 finally arrived and of course i have pics.

I bought him used which explains the damage to his shell, i also has to not only change his buttons since the middle button was broken but i also has to solder the wires back onto the speaker. Well after i took this pic of him i had to re-open him back up as his center button was really hard to press...

I used the buttons off of my music star and after trimming them down to fit into his shell and putting him back together finally fixed that problem. Oh, i guess i should mention what i've named this little dude... i've named him Haku^-^

After the whole hour and 5 minutes of care as a needy little babitchi he changed into marutchi and went straight to bed since it was after midnight at this time. The whole next day was spent caring for him, ryusei and kitsune. around 1pm ryusei finally got his last discipline and about a hour later got sick followed by pooping which told me that by 11am on monday he would be changing.

Durring the day haku asked for 3 disciplines but since it was so nice out i was barely inside to catch the time for each of them though i know his last one happened a little after 7pm. Yesterday was interesting, while surfing the net and having my morning coffee ryusei changed at 11am like i figured he would into my sweet long eared mimitchi^-^

About a hour before that though kitsune changed into futagotenshi and i was happy with him, even though the twin angels are not my fav characters in the least i was still happy. I didn't manage to get any images of him though but i'll explain that in a bit, around 1pm haku got his lasy discipline and little more than a hour later got sick.

Well last night about 2 hours before kitsune was suppose to go to bed, and while i was surfing the net, he slid off my pc desk and upon hitting the floor reset himself... i was saddened by this. I mean i didn't even have him for a whole 24 hours and he was gone, and instead of reseting him at that time i waited till this morning to do so.

So this morning comes around and i reset kitsune and while waiting for him to change (and while giving him really bad care) haku changed into tamatchi^-^
My whole goal this time with kitsune is to get takoten the bad teen and then go for Oyajitenshi who is the worst adult you can get. This way though i'l be able to get the secret character Otonoten who i've never had even on the american tamagotchi angel. That be it for right now, Ryusei is only 8yrs old and a total sweet heart, haku has yet to get a discipline since his change this morning but should either before going to bed tonight or first thing in the morning tomorrow.

My whole goal with him is to get Ginjirotchi since it's been forever since i've had him and i miss his cute little face^-^ I'll post again either when kitsune changes or haku turns into his adult for which should happen by friday at the latest.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sad events and new bigginings

Well, after my last post alot has happened... some of it sad and the rest good, i'll start with the sad parts first though (since if i did it in the other order my readers would be confused).

First off tuesday both Ryusei and Kitsune were dropping hearts faster than they were the days before and even with this i gave them the best care possible to both of them. Well around 7:30pm while we were watching Wipout the dreaded beeping began on poor ryusei, he was leaving and there was nothing i could do except say my good-byes and tell him i'd see him in a week again.

After a few minutes he burst out a big smile and left me a new egg to hatch and thats exactly what i did, he hatched after 5 minutes and i cared for the new little shirobabitchi till a little after 8:30pm when he changed into tonmarutchi and promptly went to bed with full hearts.

The next day after only 3 hours after kitsune woke up i looked at him to see if he needed anything and this is what i saw...
Poor little guy was crying which ment he was ready to head home to the Celestial Heaven
I said goodbye to him too and let him ascend to his new home. I quickly reset him and decided this time to try for a different character and eventually to get every character on him before going back to ginjirotenshi. So that was 2 days ago when he left and today after only 48 hours he's already an adult again and i got...

Kuriten! My goal this time is to get Futagotenshi who comes from both Kuriten and Pukuten so i might be getting the twin angels twice... just not twice in a row.
lol, what can i say... i was upset with the first to failures with getting this character instead of ginjirotenshi but i'm quickly growing fond of hi cuteness now^-^ That be it for now for kitsune, as for ryusei he's currently a tongaritchi (he only changed this morning) and about the same time i get my mimitchi back kitsune should be changing into futagotenshi so here's hoping they both change on monday sometime.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The last few days

Well, not much has happened the last few days but thats a given when you only have 2 tamagotchi's going and both of them are adults.

Right now Ryusei is 18yrs old while Kitsune is only 7 so he'll be around for a while, Ryusei is dropping hearts alot more now than he did a week ago but thats to be expected at this age so i have no problem caring for him. I know he will be leaving anywhere in the next 3 to 5 days and I will be a bit sad when he goes but i also know there is nothing i can do to stop it from happening.

On the front of Kitsune he's a total sweetie right now,  he's been asking for praises about 2 times a day and goes for a few walks a day too. I've been getting alot of pictures of him just because his animations are just too cute to not get images of him... and on the note here are some of the images i captured over the last few days.
There he is asking for a praise
followed by him pooping
There he is playing the shooting star game
And there he is going for a walk, i don't have a good image yet of him returning from a walk but as soon as i get one i'll make sure to post it for all to see^-^
And there they are together.

I'm still waiting for the japanese gen1 to show up also so when that arrives i'll post pictures of it as well. .. and just like ryusei and kitsune I have a name for him already but I won't say it till he arrives since i like to keep there names a secret till i have them.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Frustrating Experiences with a wonderful result

Well, since my post on saturday about my angelgotchi showing up i've had a few frustrating days of experimenting to get Ginjirotenshi.

The day after i posted Kitsune changed into Kodoten and i figured i'd give Tamagotchi PLanet's method of getting him a try, it was a total failure on my part. I had his tenshi power too high and didn't take bad enough care so i ended up with Kuriten instead so i hit reset and tried again.

Try number 2 went a little beter than try 1, after changing into Kodoten again i managed to get his tenshi power down to zero and waited for him to beep at me before caring for him which i though would bring me my little ginji angel. I was wrong again as i got Kuriten for a second time.

So now i'm on try #3, he went from obaketchi to obaketchi2 to maruten and then to kodoten for the third time in 5 days. I did something different this time around though, when he beeped for attention i ignored him and let him beep a total of 3 times in between feedings and playing games, and last night i even left his lights on all night.

Well he woke up this morning along with me and ryusei (who right now is 15 and doing well, but i'll talk about him after i finish with kitsune) and almost right away started beeping at me since he went to bed with no hearts filled last night, i promptly ignored him till a little after 10am before feeding him 1 pie and playing 1 game with him.

At noon i went for a shortish walk and brought both ryusei and kitsune with me since before the walk he had already beeped at me twice and i knew after the third he'd need some food and a game. Well the walk went on a little longer than i planned meaning i didn't get home till after 12:30pm, i made lunch and headed downstairs and right as i finished my food i heard the shimmery tune comming from kitsune meaning he was changing.

I was so hoping i would get ginjirotenshi and even said in my mind "don't turn into kuriten again" and well... i'll let this picture do the talking for me.

Yes, after 2 failed attempts and lots of frustration i finally managed to get my sweet little ginji angel^-^ It's been so long since i last cared for a angel tamagotchi that i completly forgot how much neglect you have to give kodoten to get this sweet little guy but i'm so glad i managed to get him that it took 15 shots to get this picture since my hands were really shaky.

On the front of Ryusei, like i said he's currently 15yrs old today and getting a little needy. If i'm doing something and lose track of time it seems he'll lose 2 hunger and happy hearts and even though i know he has at least a week or more left of his cute little life i'll still be sad when he leaves. Besides these 2 little cuties i'm currently waiting on the japanese gen1 i bought last thursday to arrive in the mail, so when that happens i'll have 3 tama's to talk about.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A nice surprise

Well, today i had a very nice surprise... but i'll get to that in a moment. My day started off like it always does, woke up, made coffee while starting up my pc and went upstairs to have some ego waffles.

I checked on Ryusei to find that as usual he wasn't needing much, and compaired to last time when he got sick at the age of 9 this time he's 10yrs old and has yet to get sick so thats good. So i suf the net while listening to music till 11am hits and i hear the dogs going off (mail was here), i head upstairs to see my dad bringing in the mail and in it was a small brown box with my name on it.

So what does that mean? Yes, after only 36 hours of being in the mail my Angelgotchi has arrived^-^ I ran downstairs, opened the box and pulled out my newest tama then grabbed 2 batteries and my screwdriver and put them in him. After setting the time i waited 5 minutes for him to hatch and here he is!
I decided after a few minutes of thinking to name him Kitsune, i quickly fed him and played the star jumping game... which took a few tries to get down but eventually i managed to fill his effort hearts. After 40 minutes of playing and feeding him he took a nap, after waking up it only took 20 more minutes before he changed again.
He's now a little Maruten^-^ I forgot how adorable the character on these tama are too. He changed at 12:11pm and since then he's recieved a praise at 3pm and 6:34pm. My goal right now is to take perfect care of him till he becomes the teen Kodoten and after that i'm going to work on getting Ginjirotenshi since he is by far my fav angel character... only i'm not going to use my old method of getting him and instead will be trying a different method.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good things

Welp, it's been little a few days since i last wrote about Ryusei (who is doing rather well).

Since i last wrote on saturday he got both his disciplines (i believe one was on sunday and the other monday morning) followed by getting sick (this also happened on monday). I kept a eye on him all day monday after he got sick and at 2pm he pooped, meaning anywhere in the next 9 to 12 hours he would be changing... so he was either going to change at 10:55pm or 1:55am.

I kept an eye on him till around 9pm when i headed over to a friend to play some cards and brought Ryusei with me. Promptly at 10:55pm i heard the familiar changing tune and looked down just in time to see my sweet long eared mimitchi had returned^-^ He stayed up with me till i got home after 1am which was quickly followed by bed.

Tuesday i couldn't help but get a few new images of the little guy, so without hesitation here they are!

I had to get pic's of him being both happy and mad, cause with a sweet face like that who couldn't love this little tama?

Yesterday was pretty uneventful... with the 100 degree temps i didn't get out much at all except when i went with my mom to visit my grandma for a bit. Durring this time she took my to walgreens to get another green dot money pack to add some cash to my paypal account, which went toward a new tamagotchi if you couldn't tell. I ordered a blue/grey Angelgotchi off ebay around 4pm yesterday and now i'm waiting for it to show up, i also bought 20 more batteries since i don't know how many more i'll be buying this year and i want to have a good supply of batteries to keep them all running.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ryusei so far

Well, since my update thursday night (which i'm still a little sad about, but i'm getting over it slowly) quite a bit has happened.

Well as i said (though i'm not sure if i posted this thursday night) i put in new batteries and rehatched Ryusei right after it happened, and after a hour in his needy shirobabitchi form he changed into tonmarutchi and before heading off to bed he got his first discipline. All day friday was spent caring for the little guy and keeping a ear out for his disciplines. He got his second around 4pm and the other after 9pm, i wasn't home at these times so i don't have the exact times but eh... who needs to know the exact times anyways?

Right after i got home around 10pm i noticed Ryusei was sick so i gave him two shots of medication to make him all better. Today started out like normal, i spent most of it waiting for his last discipline and for him to change. He went on a walk with me to drop off something at the mailbox near my house (Hi Sabaith) and right as i got home he asked for his final discipline.

Before i finish this blog though i have to post some enw images of him i took with my dads camera.
There's Ryusei as a Tonmarutchi^-^
And there he is now, so yes he did change into a Tongaritchi^-^ The change happened a little after 3pm which like last time was a hour before he pooped... just like the first time i hatched him. Thats whats happened so far, he has yet to get a discipline since his change but it should happen either before i go to sleep tonight or tomorrow sometime.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

days 11, 12 and 13

Well i'm kinda sad today and it all has to do with the last 3 days. I noticed that after ryusei got sick on sunday that he needed to be fed and played with more and more, losing as much as 2 hearts in both hunger and happiness every 30 mins or so. Well i figured he'd be fine and would live on like this for a week or more before getting sick again... mind you this was on monday i thought this.

Yesterday he was dropping a heart every 15 to 20 mins, just in the time it took me to eat diner (all of 25 mins) he had emptied a total of 5 hearts... this definitely wasn't a good sign at all. Well now my thoughts of him living to see the 4th of July are all but shattered after what happened about 30 mins ago.

I was out doing my usual stuff (watering plants), i left ryusei sitting on the table so 1. he wouldn't be in the hot sun and 2. wouldn't get wet. After 45 mins of watering i went to check on him to find him sick again... my poor little mimitchi is going to leave me so fast and even though i don't want him to i know that there is nothing i can do to stop it from happening. He's 13 yrs old today and i fear he won't live to see the age of 20, let alone the ages my other tama's have lived for (my old gen2 named webster could live to the age of 36 easily).

My fear is that all the extra time i've kept him up has added up and has taken at least 8 or more days away from him, so after he dies i won't be doing that again. I'll let him sleep while i do stuff at night and just care for him while he awake... might make him age and grow slower but i'll have him longer next time.

Well because of this i took a few more pics of the little guy:

These were taken with my dads digital camera so they much clearer than the ones i took on the 20th. Well here's hoping my next blog post isn't that he died, though if it is i'll make sure to get a pic of his little ghosty self before i reset him.

Edit 10:21pm: Well, i sit here, a little depressed, after something bad happened. I was on the chatroom on tamatalk (join if you haven't already) when i looked down to see a blank screen on ryusei... His batteries had died on him and there was nothing i could do to stop it (there wasn't enough power to make a beep noise when i hit the buttons). So i unscrewed his batter case, threw out the old batteries and popped in a new pair.

So now as it stands he's back to being a tonmarutchi and is floating around all cute again on the screen. My hopes now is that i can get mimitchi back on him by wensday so he'll be around for the 4th of july.